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Fine Arts 2017 Signees

Area of Study
Ashley Abreu Photography University of Central Florida
Sean Breslin Graphic Design Florida Atlantic University
Patricia Burgos Illustration Ringling College of Art and Design, FL
Barbarella Castillo Studio Art University of Miami, FL
Nicolas Chang Music Production Full Sail University, FL
Connor Dolan Visual Arts Washington University, MO
Dominique Dumornay Fine Arts Florida Atlantic University
Michael Dufek, Jr. Dramatic Arts New School, NY
Kellee Fitzsimmons Interior Design Tallahassee Community College, FL
Maria Garay Music Business Full Sail University, FL
Sofia Isaac Visual Arts University of Florida
Sloane Leiva Art Florida Gulf Coast University
Allison Marble Architecture North Carolina State University
Anthony Montalto Music Performance University of Florida
Michelle Palm Martin Theatre and Dramatic Arts University of Michigan
Marcela Pellissery Graphic Design University of Florida
Ashley-Marie Poitevien Theatre Florida State University
Alanna Quiton Composition Florida State University
Christopher Rodriguez Film/Screenwriting Emerson College, MA
Manuela Rodriguez Fine Arts Art Institute of Chicago
Maria Sobrino Art University of Florida

STA offers a multitude of opportunities for students to express themselves creatively as they develop the techniques that cater to their interests. Classes, clubs, and extracurricular activities offer experiences in the Fine Arts.

Feel the passion.
Imagine the possibilities.

Student Highlights

2016-17 Forensics Competition Results

4/22-23/17 - Cypress Bay - Novice States

Congressional DebateDavid CharlesSemifinal Round
Original OratoryIsabella KlarQuarterfinal Round
Dramatic InterpretationIsabella
Semifinal Round

3/20/17 - Stoneman Douglas HS Tournament

Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Leon 5th Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas Francisco3rd Place
Duo InterpretationMackenzie Brennan and Juliana Eichstead3rd Place
Original OratoryHelena Vasconcelos3rd Place
Original OratoryJaney Gauthier2nd Place
Original OratoryAleksandra Jelonek1st Place
Public Forum Debate

Michael Anise and John Hunschofsky

2nd Place

3/4-3/5 State Competition Results

Forensics State Competition Results

(March 4-5, 2017)

Original Oratory Nicole FavreauSemifinal Round
Original Oratory Aleksandra JelonekSemifinal Round
Original Oratory Janey Gauthier3rd Place
Humorous Interpretation Janey GauthierSemifinal Round
Domestic Extemporaneous SpeakingYasmine Nousari4th Place
International Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Leon 6th Place
International Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas Francisco 2nd Place

1/25/17 - Michael Krop HS Tournament

Original OratoryAleksandra Jelonek5th Place
Original OratoryJose Nicholas Francisco2nd Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingYasmine Nousari6th Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingJessica Uvino5th Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas Francisco2nd Place
Duo InterpretationAleksandra Jelonek and Jessica Uvino3rd Place
Congressional DebateDavid Charles3rd Place
Congressional DebatePriscilla Preval1st Place




1/21/17 - West Broward HS Tournament

Congressional DebateIsabella du Plessis2nd Place
Original OratoryChristian Chase7th Place
Original OratoryAleksandra Jelonek2nd Place
Original OratoryNicole Favreau2nd Place
Duo InterpretationAleksandra Jelonek and Samantha Pardela5th Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas Francisco1st Place
Public Forum DebateJohn Hunschofsky and Michael Anise1st Place


12/10/16 - Taravella HS Tournament

Oral InterpretationNicholas Steinmetz2nd Place
Duo InterpretationMackenzie Brown and Juliana Eichsteadt4th Place
Dramatic PerformanceSamantha Paradella7th Place
Dramatic PerformanceNicolas Marino5th Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingAleksandra Jelonek5th Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Leon1st Place
Original OratoryAleksandra Jelonek3rd Place
Original OratoryChristian Chase2nd Place
Original OratoryJose Nicholas Francisco1st Place

12/3/16 - Coral Springs HS Tournament

Humorous InterpretationAmy Silien7th Place
Original OratoryJose Nicholas Francisco1st Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Leon6th Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas Francisco2nd Place
Oral InterpretationParker Schlichte5th Place
Public Forum DebateHannah Furshman and Dillon Kleinman5th Place

12/2-4/16 - George Mason University - VA

Congressional DebateJessica UvinoFinalist
PoetrySamantha PardelaQuarterfinalist
Original OratoryAleksandra JelonekSemifinalist

11/17-20/16 - Glenbrooks Tournament - IL

Congressional DebateJessica UvinoSemifinal Round
Congressional DebatePriscilla PrevalBest Legislation
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas FranciscoSemifinalist
Original OratoryAleksandra Jelonek6th Place

11/12-13 - Cypress Bay Tradition Tournament

Congressional DebatePriscilla PrevalSemifinal Round
Congressional DebateJessica UvinoFinal Round
Novice Congressional DebateBrett Lusardi5th Place
Novice Congressional DebateIsabella Klar5th Place
Impromptu SpeakingYasmine NousariSemifinal Round
Original OratorySamantha ParadelaQuarterfinal Round
Original OratoryAleksandra JelonekSemifinal Round
Original OratoryJose Nicholas Francisco6th Place
International Extemporaneous SpeakingGuillermo MartinezSemifinal Round
Extemporaneous Speaking
Jose Nicholas Francisco5th Place
International Extemporaneous SpeakingYasmine Nousari2nd Place
Domestic Extemporaneous SpeakingGuillermo MartinezSemifinal Round
Domestic Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas Francisco5th Place
Domestic Extemporaneous SpeakingYasmine Nousari3rd Place

11/4-5/16 - Nova Titan Tournament

Extemporaneous SpeakingGuillermo MartinezSemifinalist
Extemporaneous SpeakingYasmine Nousari6th Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas Francisco5th Place
Original OratoryJose Nicholas Francisco4th Place
Original OratoryNicole FavreauSemifinalist
Original OratoryNicholas SteinmetzSemifinalist
Congressional DebateJessica UvinoSemifinalist
Congressional DebatePriscilla PrevalSemifinalist

10/22/16 - Western HS Tournament

Duo InterpretationMackenzie Brennan and Julianna Eichsteadt3rd Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas Francisco4th Place
Congressional Debate NoviceSydney Patitucci3rd Place
Congressional Debate NoviceIsabella Klar2nd Place
Congressional Debate VarsityPriscilla Preval2nd Place
Original OratoryChristian Chase7th Place
Original OratoryJaney GauthierChampion

9/16-18/16 - Yale University Tournament - CT

Humorous InterpretationAleksandra JelonekQuarterfinalist
Extemporaneous SpeakingYasmine NousariSemifinalist
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas FranciscoQuarterfinalist
Original OratoryAleksandra
Original OratoryJaney GauthierSemifinalist
Original OratoryNicole FavreauSemifinalist
Congressional DebatePriscilla PrevalSemifinalist

9/10/16 - Braddock HS Tournament

Original OratoryJose Nicholas Francisco2nd Place
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas Francisco1st Place
Congressional Debate NoviceJulia Ferreira3rd Place
Congressional DebatePriscilla Preval4th Place
Best Presiding OfficerPeter Pecic
Duo InterpretationJacquelyn Weider and Aimme Inoa3rd Place

5/26-27 - National Catholic Forensic League Tournament - Louisville, KY

Original OratoryJaney GauthierOctofinalist

Original OratoryAleksandra JelonekFinal Round
Extemporaneous SpeakingJose Nicholas FranciscoThird Place
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