Principal's Advisory Council

The Principal’s Advisory Council advises the Principal on school matters. The Council consists of the following members: Assistant Principal for Curriculum, Assistant Principal for Personnel, Assistant Principal of Community Relations and Student Affairs, Dean of Students, Director of Athletics, Director of Guidance, Director of Professional Development, and Campus Ministry Chairperson. The Council meets regularly and as called by the Principal.

Dr. Denise Aloma

Titles: Principal
Departments: Administration, Principal

Dr. Robert Mulder

Titles: Assistant Principal of Academics
Departments: Administration, Social Studies

Dr. Suzy Prieto

Titles: Assistant Principal of Educational Technology, English Department Head (9-10)
Departments: Administration, English

Mrs. Margie Scott

Titles: Assistant Principal of Community Relations & Student Activities
Departments: Administration, Student Services, Leadership(12)

Mr. Robert Biasotti

Titles: Dean of Students; Director of Security, Director of Basketball Operations
Departments: Dean

Mr. Adam Matthews

Titles: Director of Admissions
Departments: Mathematics, Guidance

Dr. Ian Robertson

Titles: Theology Department Head
Departments: Theology

Mr. George Smith

Titles: Emeritus Athletic Director
Departments: Athletics