Catholic Identity

Reflections from Fr. Kelly

"The True King”

The word "King" does not come easily to the lips of those who live in a country without royalty. This is even more obvious in a nation like ours, which achieved independence from the King of England by fighting a war against the royal tyranny. But our nation is still fascinated with royalty. Whether it is the pomp, the history or the uniqueness of the status, we are very much fascinated by an ideal of royalty.

Many of the classics of children's literature are full of stories about kings and queens, good and bad. Royalty are, after all, human beings and they come, as do all human beings, in various shapes and sizes with various virtues and flaws to which human flesh is vulnerable. But the phrase Christ the King comes easily and comfortably on the tongue. God forbid therefore that anyone would wish to change the name of the Feast of the Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ the King to Christ the President or Christ the Chief Executive.

We still speak of the divine right of kings. In the Old Testament, God himself, through his prophets, chose the king of Israel. Even in modern times, the king is anointed, which makes him the christos, the anointed one. In the past, popes would crown emperors and kings. That showed that the king ruled in the name of God. The good king would rule as did God, with mercy, love and concern for his people. Some kings, who though they may have lived in palaces and wore crowns of gold, were good to their people and were saints. David, human and weak, but repentant for his sins was the favored King of Israel. Christ's human nature descended from David.

No matter how we romanticize the familiar Christmas nativity scene, the stable at Bethlehem and the attendants around the manger in no way resemble palace luxury. A King in a stable! And yet, we know He was a King, Years later, that child, now an adult, stood on trial before a representative of the Roman Empire. He was bruised and beaten, crowned with thorns, abandoned by His disciples, a pathetic sight. He answered Pilate's question firmly. Jesus asserted His Kingship. This is the feast we celebrate today. May we place all authority in perspective as all are subject to God’s laws.


Father Vincent T. Kelly

Catholic identity thrives throughout the STA campus and in the hearts of students, faculty, and staff. Serving those who appear “the least” in the community remains the focus of our efforts in and out of the classroom. We encourage STA students to witness to the call of Jesus in service and faith.

“Where does Jesus send us? There are no borders, no limits: He sends us to everyone.”
- Pope Francis

CrossRoads (Music Ministry)

Vocalists, musicians/instrumentalists, and composers call others to witness Christ through their humble performances at various liturgies and community events throughout the year.


Mr. Michael MCCormack

Liturgical Art and Environment

Students create original works of art for liturgies, retreats, and events throughout the year. These masterpieces become the artistic component of our Catholic Identity and add to the prayerful transformation of the worship space for all school events.



Raiders for Life

Promoting the value of life from womb to the tomb lies at the heart of our Catholic Identity focus. Raiders for Life partners with the ADOM Respect Life Office to sponsor diaper and clothing drives and participate in the Life Chain, March for Life, and 40 Days for Life.


Ms. Michaela Ecker

Mrs. Maria Jose Mitsoulis

Witnesses for Christ (Liturgical Ministry)

Witnesses for Christ, a liturgical ministry, allows students to profess their faith publicly by responding to Jesus’ call to serve in ministry to the spiritual and sacramental needs of the STA family.

Students learn the processes of the Catholic mass and are trained in various lay positions. Students participate in masses as lectors, altar servers, and eucharistic ministers.


Mr. Michael McCormack

Campus Ministry awakens students and faculty to the reality of Jesus present in our lives. In various ways, faith formation remains our focus as we encourage students to engage and explore the Theology curriculum, retreats, religious events, and opportunities for individual involvement. Students serve as Eucharistic ministers, lectors, altar servers, singers, and musicians. STA students share their Catholic Identity through middle school and Confirmation retreat programs at our local parishes. Monthly Nights of Fellowship combine faith, friendship, and fun as the STA community celebrates our Catholic Identity and spiritual camaraderie.