In an effort to continue to learn, grow, and promote the Catholic values of inclusion and respect for all, members of the STA Faculty are committed to building and reinforcing
in the STA Community.
Join us as we commit ourselves to promote these values
each and every day! 


Winter Food Drive

The DISC  Winter Food Drive is run in collaboration with Aquinas Kindness Club.  Students donate non-perishable food items to be donated to low-income families.

"HER"story Campaign

DISC Women's HERstory Month Student Activity aims to encourage student collaboration and positive affirmations by writing short letters to female teachers.

Women in Distress

DISC's Women's History Month Campaign collaborates with Women In Distress Inc, donating supplies to be distributed to families who are struggling with domestic abuse. 


DISC is a proactive organization of Faculty, Staff, Students, and Parents from the Saint Thomas Aquinas High School community united in an ongoing and honest conversation about the culture and climate of human relations at our school. Although our conversations will be difficult at times, DISC will always stand united for the overall well-being and safety of EVERY student on our campus. DISC believes that Saint Thomas Aquinas High School students should be granted the following basic protections as a member of our school community:

● All students should be able to feel safe and secure on our high school campus;
● All students should be able to be who they are without fearing any form of retribution from others;
● All students should be able to speak their minds kindly without feeling disrespected by others;
● All students should be able to share their personal feelings about cultural identity without feeling ostracized by other members of the school community;
● All students should be able to fully grow, develop, and mature intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and socially without feeling marginalized or mocked by others;
● All students should be able to feel well-adjusted at their grade level, whether freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors;
● All students should be able to experience unconditional love in our high school community because we are all children of God who need guidance, love, and acceptance;
● All students should be able to engage in their desired area of study at our school without any form of negative commentary;
● All students should be able to become active members in their school community through after school activities, club memberships, athletic participation, or community service without any form of personal criticism;
● All students should be able to dream big and to work toward achieving all their goals within a supportive and receptive school environment.