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2018 National Italian Exam Awards
2018 National Italian Exam Awards

The St. Thomas Aquinas High School Administration, Guidance Department and Italian instructor, Maria Puntillo, commend the students on their excellent achievement.

The National Italian Exam was administered at St. Thomas Aquinas High School this year for the first time.

More than 5,000 students participated nationally in the exam this year and nearly 1,500 received medals for their outstanding performance on the 2018 National Italian Exam. The American Association of Teachers of Italian honored 118 students with Gold Medals while 475 students received Silver Medals and 904 students were awarded Bronze Medals.

The following students have been recognized by the American Association of Teachers of Italian.

The Gold medal and a scholarship for a two-week study aboard program at an Italian language school are awarded to Vittoria Marinoni. The student with the highest score in each category was given the study abroad scholarship. Seven students in all were recognized for their achievement.

The Silver medal recipients are Gabriel Pacchiele, Giulio Potenti, Emily Russo and Kamila Trigueros.

The Bronze medal is awarded to Roberto Fileni and Alessandro Annese.

The recipients of the Certificate of Achievement are Lily Coniglio, Gina Fimiano, Natalie Romaniello, Carmela Sazera, Giovanni Secondo and Rocco Testa.

The Certificate of Participation is awarded to Madison Bartlett, Kelsi Lipka, Angelina Orlando, Grace Pomper, Anthony Reres, Cristal Romero and Victoria Zimmerman.


Are you a current student and want to be apart of the Italian Club or National Italian Honor Society? Visit the web pages linked here.