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Marie Brooks - "Bee-ing Mindful"
Marie Brooks - "Bee-ing Mindful"

Congratulations to Marie Brooks, bringing a Gold Standard to all she does!

Davie Teen Earns Gold Award for "Bee Mindful"

As a member of the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida Troop #10424, Marie Brooks of Davie is dedicated to making the world a better place. She recently earned a Girl Scout Gold award for her project, "Bee Mindful". She has joined the ranks of generations of young women who have made a difference, both locally and globally.

The Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout in grades 9-12 can earn. Scouts must complete a service project with a minimum of 80 logged hours that fulfills a need in the community, creates change, and is sustainable with long-term possibilities. Fewer than 6% of all Girl Scouts in the world are in this prestigious award.

"The Gold Award provides an opportunity for girls like me to not only help resolve an issue in our communities, but to grow and develop skills we would never get anywhere else," said Marie.

When Marie began brainstorming ideas for a project, she learned that a bumblebee species had been officially put on the endangered species list after its decline of 90% since the 1990s. In fact, all of the bee populations were in decline.

"After a bit of research, I learned exactly how important pollinators are and how their decline will cause major issues not only in my community, but the entire world," said Marie. "Bees are responsible for 75% of our food supply and contribute over $200 billion to our global economy. Their Decline and eventually demise will destroy the lifestyles of humans as we know it."

Marie launched a wide range of information platforms in order to educate others about the importance of bees; limiting or eliminating the use of pesticides and insecticides that harm bees; and using organic, bee-friendly products she partnered with secret Woods Nature Center in Fort Lauderdale, where she displayed her "Bee Mindful" booth at four events and educated members of the community. The booth also included a flower planting activity, where she showed children how simple it is to create a bee-friendly garden with native plants that will promote population growth. She displayed a miniature beehive she built to show people how easy it is to become a backyard beekeeper. After the last event, she donated all of the materials to the nature center where the "Bee Mindful" project is still on display.

In addition to her efforts at Secret Woods Nature Center, Marie presented her booth at Flamingo Road Nursery and Anne Kolb Nature Center; presented information about the Bumblebee decline to the Broward Beekeeper Association; and developed a brochure, blog ( and YouTube channel.

Although this is Marie's last year as an ambassador for the Girl Scouts, she said she will always stay involved.

"I hope to spend my adult life volunteering with the Girl Scouts, so I can help give back to welcoming community that has already done so much for me," said Marie.

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