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Senior, Lauren Frison, wins with An Ode to Life
Senior, Lauren Frison, wins with An Ode to Life

A Place to Belong was the challenge for the NEHS monthly poetry challenge. The National English Honor Society Museletter named Lauren among 9 other winners around the country for the month of April.

An Ode to Life

Lauren Frison

Here is a list of the things I love:
Which bloom on the core of my heart like roses
Leaving adoration and affection like fingerprints on glass
Swirling stringed lights in my head and colors in my thoughts

To friendship:
Who makes me "happy when skies are gray"
You are the mess of bushy hair that head bangs to Led Zeppelin
You are your laughter, that floats lightly and bounces off the walls
You are kaleidoscope eyes, whose words of wisdom stream sunlight into my day
You are the smile, the dimples in the corners carving expression in your cheek

To the beauty of the world:
The bud blooming in the petaled heart of the galaxy
You are the stars that freckle the midnight sky
As I am a drop in the ocean of humanity
You are the waterfall of my thoughts
The quiet serenity of the isolated forest
You are the rose-stained glass sunsets

To kindness and compassion:
You are the pink Post-It someone left on the windshield of my car
Reminding me to have a delightful day
You are the bitter coffee with a milky sweet taste
That you, stranger in front, paid for
You are the battered and bruised
Healed with a Band-Aid of compassion from a friendly hand

To adventure:
You are the salty spray of the sea splashing in my face
The midnight drives with rap music pounding from the stereo
You are the top of the mountain, the end of the zipline
And you are the eventful trips to the corner store
You are the unexpected tidal wave of anticipation
Climbing to the top of the skyscrapers in my new city
You are bustling with movement, screaming for the Earth to grab you by the elbows and pull you
into its hold

To home:
You are places and people
The long-awaited embrace in the center of the active airport
You are the corn fields and wildflowers stretching across the land
The freshly washed smell of bed sheets
You are the place I crash land
When the world beats me with its fist

Here is a list of the things I love:
To remind you why my heart pounds for you
To breathe in your love and exhale the sweetness of your being
You are the reasons I live

Lauren Frison is a senior at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She would like to major in English and Political Science in college. Lauren is an active member of the school's NEHS chapter and has participated in fundraising and service projects as well as tutoring for the society. She has enjoyed writing poetry for many years because it helps her to understand and communicate feelings and thoughts. Lauren finds that the best way to slow the fast moving world and truly process struggles, as well as triumphs, is to write; poetry can give you insights into yourself that you never knew existed but always wanted to understand.

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