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Dance Company Tryouts
Dance Company Tryouts

So you think you can dance at STA?
Virtual Audition Submissions Due October 16th!

STA Dance Company Virtual Auditions

If you are a trained dancer with a strong technical background of at least 3 years of ballet, jazz, or contemporary dance and would like to audition for the STA Dance Company, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choreograph a 1 minute dance that highlights your technical training. Include at least a double pirouette, front and side leaps, a calypso, grand battement on both legs, any tricks you can do, energy and personality!

Step 2: Film your dance, and at the beginning of the video state your name, grade, and color designation for when you are at school or if you are remote.

Step 3: Upload your video using your email address to with the password 83a73434 by the deadline: October 18.

View Sample Video HERE.