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STEMfilled Summer
STEMfilled Summer

Science-Technology-Engineering-Math... Our students take classes that give them an edge!

As a STEM certified school, our desire is to provide as many opportunities as possible to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics year round.

This summer, STEM courses include: Trigonometry honors, Biotechnology Honors, Applied Physics Honors, Integrated Science Honors, Robotics Honors, Pre-Med Honors, Survey of Marine Mammals Honors, and Coding for the Digital Age Honors.

Members of the Junior Class, participating in Summer STEM courses, were asked about their experience this summer and what they were enjoying most. Aiden Jansen is taking Coding this summer and is excited to be a part of a program that allows him to expand his knowledge of the coding language. Aiden said, "my classmates are very driven and mature, and we are learning a lot." Aiden wishes to pursue a career in computer-science one day, and sees this class at STA as a fantastic segway.

Ashley Dickinson and Alessandra Steinmuller are taking Pre-Med Honors and are excited to expand their knowledge in hope of future professions in the medical field. Ashley said she was excited to visit the VA Hospital in Miami this week and witness a surgery. Alessandra wishes to one day participate in medical research and is enjoying being able to medical research applied in real life through hospital visits and doctor's testimony this summer. Both students gave major kudos to their teacher, Mrs.Beth McTighe who is also a registered nurse, for an excellent curriculum, and her own knowledge of biology and the medical profession.

Michael Savage and Jack Edwards are participating in Survey of Marine Mammals Honors with Mrs. Lowe. Both gentlemen agreed that the course is exciting. "Mrs. Lowe is extremely passionate and informative. She makes each day interesting with new activities," says Michael. Jack shared his anticipation for next week's visit to Miami Seaquarium, "We have been learning all about marine species, their diets, environments, and physical characteristics. I am excited to see the dolphins up close."

When asked why they decided to take Trigonometry this summer, Rising Senior, Chloe Bensch, Junior, Sydney Rodgers, agreed it was to make themselves more competitive in the classroom. Chloe shared, "My goal is to take Calculus AB AP next year and have the chance to earn college credit so I will be ahead of my peers when applying to college." "I wanted to increase my productivity over the summer," claimed Sydney. The intensive 2.5 week math course helps prep students for higher level courses in the fall. Led by Mrs. French, the students agreed that they enjoy the rigor and the opportunities this course provides, and the patience with which their teacher leads.