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Warming Hearts in Hard Times
Warming Hearts in Hard Times

"Service to me is more than helping others, it is about benefiting your community by making a "hard situation," happier and lighter." - Brooke Giacin

"In 2016, both of my grandparents were diagnosed with cancer. My grandmother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which is an extremely rare bone cancer, and my grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer." When asked why, Brooke Giacin reminisces about her own experiences with those she has lost.

"My mom, my uncle, and I served as my grandmother's, Mimi, main caretakers. During one specific treatment, my grandma was given pajama pants and a hospital blanket, which is very thin and not very warm. She told me, 'they always give me this blanket and it does nothing and I am so cold.' It was at this moment that I thought of the blanket drive."

Members of the Spanish National Honor Society led by organizer Brooke Giacin, organized a blanket collection and creation drive to donate blankets to cancer patients at Holy Cross Hospital. They successfully assembled 130 blankets, delivered Friday, November 2nd.

So many have been afflicted by the terrible effects of cancer. These students wanted to do something to bring a smile to these warriors. We had to take her to her treatments and appointments. "I wanted to make the patients something they could bring to every treatment and make them smile."