Visitors include potential, current and former parents, students, alumni, and other adults. In order to provide and maintain a safe environment for members of the St. Thomas Aquinas High School community, the school administration enforces a rigid protocol. Visitors to campus must make an appointment with a specific STA employee before arriving on campus. The following guidelines apply to all visitors on campus while school is in session:
  • During school hours all visitors (parents, alumni, media, college reps, prospective students/parents, etc.) must enter the campus via the main entrance, adjacent the Main Office;
  • Each guest must present a valid photo ID and clear security screening. All guests must wear the STA Visitors’ Pass while on campus at all times during the school day.
  • All visitors must wear school appropriate attire in order to be allowed on campus; 50
  • Security will notify the personnel associated with the visitor and school personnel must meet their guest at the front check in area
  • Visitors may not visit classrooms, teachers, or students without prior approval of an administrator;
  • Visitors may not use any of the school’s facilities, without administrative approval;
  • Security personnel may use their discretion in denying access with administrative approval;
  • Parent/guest access to school personnel/offices during the change of classes is prohibited;
  • Food delivery services are not permitted and will be turned away. Parents that come early to wait for the regular dismissal at the Main entrance or Gym entrance, please wait for your child in your vehicle. Please share this information with anyone you have designated to pick up your child before the end of the school day. STA cameras are used for internal purposes only. 
  • All visitors must be escorted by school personnel when they are on campus
  • All visitors must wait in the waiting area near the front check in location

General questions should be directed to