International Thespian Honor Society


Moderator: Ms. Elizabeth Garrard

Grades Eligible: 9-12

Qualifications for Acceptance:

  • GPA: 3.5 overall--unweighted
  • Students must have completed at least one full year of an acting or theater class and achieves a 4.0 in all acting or theater courses taken 
  • Service Hours: 10 for induction
  • Participation in at least two previous drama productions--one backstage and one onstage
  • A minimum of 10 Thespian Points. (May roll over from Junior Thespians.)
* Students who meet the requirements listed above will be invited to apply.

* A one-time membership fee of $30 will be assessed upon acceptance.
* Induction takes place in the spring.
Members are expected to complete 10 hours of service in relation to drama productions per year in order to maintain membership.


Vice President: