National Italian Honor Society

La Società Onoraria Italica, The National Italian Honor Society recognizes outstanding achievement in Italian and promotes interest in the Italian language and culture. Members participate in fundraisers that contribute to charitable causes in the United States and Italy.


 Students in grades 11-12 who meet the following requirements will be invited to apply. The application will include a well-written, topic-driven essay, reviewed by a faculty committee. 

The following qualifications are required for induction.

  • Completion of Italian I and II
  • Current enrollment third semester of Italian or higher
  • Cumulative 90% of above average for overall studies in Italian courses in semester prior to induction. 
  • Cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.5 of above for overall studies in all subjects
  • Current with STA service hour requirements
  • No disciplinary or attendance issues

A one-time membership fee of $25 will be assessed following induction.

Members enrolled in Italian III Honors or AP Italian Language and Culture must continue to meet the requirements for admission (grades and behavior). If the member does not, the member will be placed on probation for one semester. After one semester, if the infractions have been rectified, the member is readmitted to the society. If, however, the infractions have not been rectified, then the member is dropped from the honor society’s rolls permanently.



President Ava Ranazzisi
VP / Fundraising Director GIanni Lachance
Secretary TBA
Treasurer Nayana Joseph
Tutoring TBA


Completion of at least five (5) service hours for the year. Completed through activities offered by the National Italian Honor Society.


Day Time Room
Thursdays 2:40 - 3:10 104