Rho Kappa Honor Society

Rho Kappa Honor Society promotes scholarship, community service, leadership, character, and recognizes academic excellence in social studies among high school students.

eligibility requirements

Students in grades 11-12 who meet the following requirements will be invited to apply. An invitation to apply will be sent at the beginning of each spring semester to all students who meet these requirements.

Junior Requirements

  • 3.8 unweighted GPA  (and)
  • 90% of higher in all core Social Studies classes (and)
  • Minimum of 50 recorded service hours (and)
  • No disciplinary or attendance issues
Senior Requirements
  • 90% or higher in all core Social Studies classes (i.e., World History, American History, and Government/Economics)
  • An overall GPA of 3.8 (unweighted) or higher
  • No disciplinary or attendance issues
  • Minimum of 75 recorded services hours

A one-time membership fee of $25 will be collected upon acceptance.



President Ella Tillinghast
President Elysia Vivanco
Vice President Aarti Gandhi
Vice President Grace O'Donnell
Secretary Madison Schlichte
Service Organizer Ben Chenven
Service Organizer Grace Murphy
Service Organizer Katarina Urbistondo


moderators: Mr. arlee Pabustan