TRI-M Music Honor Society


Moderator(s): Mrs. Wanda Drozdovitch and Mr. Richard Bradford

Grades Eligible: 10-12

The following are the requirements to be invited to the TRI-M Honor Society.
  • Complete 2 semesters of any Music class

  • Have 90% or higher throughout those 2 semesters in music class & overall GPA 3.5 unweighted

  • No disciplinary or attendance issues
  • Complete 5 Service Hours designated by Tri-M
  • Complete application process with required teacher recommendations
  • STA service hours must be current
Dues of $25 will be assessed after acceptance.
Requirements to stay in Tri-M Honor Society:
  • Continue to keep 90% or higher in current music class. If no music class is taken, must have overall GPA of 3.5 unweighted.
  • Attend mandatory Tri-M meetings.
  • Complete 5 service hours per semester designated by Tri-M.

Vocal Officers:

Vice President: 

Intrumental Officers:

Vice President: