Service Learning Policy

Community service activities are not school activities and St. Thomas Aquinas High School does not mandate or direct any specific location or locations in the community where these services are to be performed. Students are free to select the location where they wish to perform community service so long as the location and the activity meet the requirements of the school. St. Thomas Aquinas High School does not operate or control the locations where students choose to perform community service and consequently the school, its agents, and affiliates do not assume responsibility for any injuries, damages, or losses incurred in the course of performing these services in the community. Students perform these services at their own risk.

Archdiocese of Miami: MFJ-RJD/1-131/Documents/Handbook.verbatim policies 12-21-2018.doc


The STA Administration and Faculty support the purpose of community service hours and are committed to the Service Learning requirements as stated in the Parent Student Handbook. STA Service Learning is grounded in terms as set by the Archdiocese of Miami Department of Schools. We firmly believe in the benefits that result when the student develops the heart of a servant leader. The minimum hours stated in the Parent Student Handbook are just that. Excelling beyond the minimum is how STA students are best known.

The STA Administration reserves the right to deny approval of hours that do not benefit those less fortunate. Political affiliations, agencies, and/or organizations that conflict with the mission of STA and/or ADOM will not be on the STA approved list and therefore, the hours will not be approved.

* All hours must be completed through an APPROVED 501C3 organization. Hours must be submitted to Service Track (accessible to current, registered STA students through Bb) on an agency letterhead with supervisor signature, email and telephone number. Downloadable forms (ie: Broward County School Service Forms) will be disapproved. 


CLICK HERE for a list of STA approved organizations/ agencies.

Present 501c3 or tax exempt documentation to the Student Activities Office to add to this list.