The Anatomage table is touch-sensitive technology, that projects full-length views of a human cadaver and it's muscular, skeletal, nervous, digestive and pulmonary systems. The table assembles 2,000 3D images to show layers and slices of various tissues. Students can view a cross-section of a muscle, organ or other structure. Among the Anatomage software are images of a liver distended by cancer, an ACL knee injury, an ectopic pregnancy, a stab wound, and a stent placed in an artery. Students can trace the flow of blood from the heart into the lungs. The table can even teach veterinary science, with images of animals like a dog, a cat, a parrot, a tortoise, even a squirrel like Australian creature called a sugar glider.

Boys’ and girls’ teams design, build, and drive robots in FIRST robotics competitions (FTC & FRC). Robotics is the ultimate program that incorporates all aspects of STEM. Robotics courses are offered as well as participation in Club activities.

The VR program immerses students in a three-dimensional world. “Experiences” dissect a mushroom or a pig, measure the Doppler effect of a train, follow a bat through a cave with echolocation, assemble a circuit board, step inside a beating human heart to examine the chambers, or mix volatile chemicals.

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