Welcome to Cailini, a tradition at STA that dates back to 1976. Derived from the Gaelic word for "girl", Cailini was established during a time when athletic opportunities for female students were scarce. This intra-class athletic competition not only celebrates the spirit of being part of the STA family but also fosters camaraderie and healthy competition among current female students. Held annually each spring, Cailini offers a diverse range of events including group aerobic dance, art, baking, dodgeball, gymnastics, high-impact dance, powderpuff football, track, tug-of-war, and volleyball.

Introduced by Msgr. Kelly and faculty sponsor Jeanne Reinholt in 1975, Cailini was born out of the need to offer girls opportunities for dance and athletic competition within the school setting, especially at a time when high school sports for girls were virtually non-existent. Since then, Cailini has evolved into a season of tryouts, practices, choreography, and athleticism, kicking off each November. Friendship, competition, leadership, creativity, and FUN are at the core of the Cailini experience, cherished by thousands of STA alumni.

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