2020 Cailini:

Theme: TV Networks
Fresh: Travel Channel, Sophs: Weather Channel, 
 Jrs: MTv, Srs: ESPN


Powderpuff: Sophomores

Bakeoff: Seniors

Volleyball:  Sophomores

Track Relay:  Sophomores

Tug-of-War:  Seniors

Dodgebal: Sophomores

T-Shirt Art: Seniors

Arena Art: Juniors

Mural: Seniors

Bakeoff: Seniors

Aerobics: Juniors

Gymnastics: Juniors

High Impact: Juniors

Cailini is the oldest annual STA tradition. Taking its name from the Gaelic word for "girl", Calini started in 1976 when athletic competition for girls was non-existent. This intra-class athletic competition for female students highlights the spirit of what it means to be part of the STA family. Taking place each spring, Calini allows a fun, competitive playing field of competition for current female students. Events include a group aerobic dance, art, baking, dodgeball, gymnastics, high impact dance, powderpuff football, track, tug-of-war, and volleyball.

Girls just wanna have fun!
-Cyndi Lauper