Dance Company

Our competitive and performance-based dance company consists of well-trained dancers and provides them with opportunities to continue their passion during and after school hours. Dancers interested must be able to execute various technical dance skills in order to be a member. Students can sign up for elective dance classes during their school day to help with their competitive edge. Dancers who remain in the Dance Company through their Senior year have the opportunity to be inducted into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts.




President: Katelyn Caudle '22
Vice President: Valentina Puebla '23
Company Manager: Ava Abecassis '22
Junior Company Manager: Miniaris Montanez '23

The Dance Program at St. Thomas Aquinas High School is directed by STA alum class of 1999 Maria Virginio.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School offers a variety of ways for students to dance. Students have the option to take the
dance classes during the school day as a Fine Arts and/or elective credit & Miss Virginio also offers the STA Dance Company/National Honor Society for Dance Arts. This is an after-school opportunity for dancers to join a competitive dance company/honor society. Dancers must audition and be able to perform certain technical skills.

The STA Dance Company has competed at several national dance competitions since 2017. They have been awarded many overall top scores, invitations to world championships, special awards, and outstanding choreography awards. Members of the STA Dance Company may be inducted into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts. This is a prestigious and special opportunity for dancers at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.