Fine Arts

STA offers a multitude of opportunities for students to express themselves creatively as they develop the techniques that cater to their interests.

Classes and Clubs/Extracurricular activities offer experiences in the Fine Arts year-round.

Forensics Highlights

2019 Dance Competition Honors

  • STA Dance Company had a very successful first dance competition of the year! Seven dances received High Gold awards and one received a Platinum award. And we swept the high scores for the senior age group!
  • Jason’s Song received a special Fierce Flexibility award.
  • Georgia won a costume award and a special Southern Belle award.
  • Forbidden won the Odyssey award for being the most entertaining and memorable dance.
  • And Miss Virginio was nominated for three choreography awards.

Forensics Results 2018-19

Varsity State Championships

Nicolas Marino and Christian Chase - 2nd place in Duo Interpretation
Nicolas Marino - 3rd in Humorous Interpretation
Amy Hernandez - 5th in Informative Speaking
Christian Chase - 6th in Informative Speaking
Jose Leon - Semifinalist International Extemp
Madeline Lamont - Semifinalist Dramatic Interpretation
Sophie Rier - Semifinalist Humorous Interpretation
John Hunschofsky - Finalist in Congress

FFL Regionals

Congressional Debate:
John Hunschofsky - state qualifier
Kevin Carlstedt - state qualifier

Dramatic Interpretation:
Madeline Lamont - State Qualifier

Duo Interpretation:

Nicolas Marino & Christian Chase - State Qualifier

Humorous Interpretation:

Nicolas Marino -State Qualifier

Informative Speaking:
Amy Hernandez - State Qualifier
Christian Chase - State Qualifier

International Extemporaneous Speaking:

Jose Leon - State Qualifier

Original Oratory:

Jose Leon - State Qualifier


Nicolas Marino - 4th Place Humorous Interpretation
Nicolas Marino and Christian Chase - 5th Place Duo Interpretation
Christian Chase - 1st Place Informative Speaking
John Hunschofsky - Finalist Congressional Speaking
Jose Leon - Quarters Extemporaneous; Quarters Impromptu
Sophie Rier - DI Quarters


Christian Chase - Semifinal OO; Semifinal DUO
Nic Marino - Semifinal DUO; Quarterfinal HI
Jose Leon - Quarterfinal Extemp

Flying L

Christian Chase - 1st Original Oratory
Riley Boerger - 2nd Informative Speaking
Jose Leon - 3rd Extemp

Nova Titan

Nic Marino - 1st HI
Riley Boerger - 6th Informative speaking
Sophie Rier - 5th Dramatic
John Hunschofsky - Finalist Congress

Blue Key

Amy Hernandez - Quarters OO; Quarters Info
Ella Tillinghast - Quarters Info
Nic Marino - 2nd HI; 2nd Duo
Christian Chase - 2nd Duo
Jose Leon - Semifinalist Domestic Extemp
Brian Cervoni-Fafian - HI Quarters; DI Quarters
Sophie Rier - HI Quarters
John Hunschofsky - Semifinalist Congress

CFL Miramar

Christian Chase - 1st OO; 3rd Extemp
McKenna Chase - 2nd OO
Ella Tillinghast - 5th OO
Riley Boerger - 6th OO; 2nd info
Kevin Carledst - 2nd in his congress chamber

March 7, 2019 at the District Music Performance Assessment (MPA) St. Thomas Aquinas CHORALE and FRESHMAN CHOIR received SUPERIOR RATINGS from all 4 judges. The Chorale and Freshman Choir were determined eligible for State MPA Competition, April 2019.

Spring Production

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