National English Honor Society

Members of this organization endeavor to advance the study of all areas of English and to foster a spirit of fellowship among students excelling in all facets of the English language arts, ever keeping in mind the national motto “Duty goes with honor.”

Moderator: Mrs. Virginia Becker




  • 90% or higher in senior level AP English
  • 90% or higher in junior level honors or AP English
  • 100 completed STA service hours
  • Excellent conduct


  • 90% or higher in junior level AP English
  • 90% or higher in sophomore level honors English
  • 75 completed STA service hours
  • Excellent conduct

Those students who meet these qualifications will be invited to apply. The application will include a well-written, topic-driven essay, reviewed by a faculty committee.

* A one-time membership fee will be assessed at the time of induction.

To sustain membership, members must maintain the semester A average and complete a minimum of five service hours as well as participate in NEHS activities and meetings. Each member will enter at least one essay contest, provided on our NEHS Blackboard account.

Officers 2018-19:

President--Julia Nelson

Vice President--Sebastian Camacho-Torres

VP/Book Club--Lauren Stephens

VP/Scholarships and Essay Contests--Marie Brooks, Assistant Kennede Occenad

VP/Technology--Kayla Moberg and Chason Pratt

VP/Public Relations--Dana Tuyn

Secretary--Helena Vasconcellos

Treasurer--Cassidy Simas

Director of Community Service--Grace Gallic and Aimee Lees