Quill and Scroll Honor Society

Moderators: Ms. Helena Daly-Asquini and Mrs. Stacey RosonoW

Grades Eligible: 10-12

Qualifications for Acceptance:

  • GPA: B GPA (unweighted); B+ (2018-2019)
  • Service Hours: Grade appropriate service hours
  • Essay: Media Production on a regular and continual basis
* Students who meet the qualifications listed above will be invited to apply.
* Students will be required to obtain teacher recommendations upon applying.
*A one-time membership fee of $25 will be collected upon acceptance.

Members are expected to participate in regular and continual media production in order to maintain membership.


Newspaper Editor-in-chief: Brianna Naderpour
Social Media Editor-in-chief: Bradley Cusnier
Creative Director: Santiago Rodriguez
Yearbook Editor-in-Chief: Isabelle Gain
Senior Yearbook Editor: Chelsea Brown