The STA Leadership curriculum provides a comprehensive platform for students across all grade levels to immerse themselves in the art and science of leadership. Through this program, students are not only given the opportunity to enhance their existing leadership qualities but also to critically evaluate and refine their personal leadership attributes. A key aspect of the curriculum involves identifying, developing, and strengthening individual leadership characteristics, fostering an environment where students can understand the significance of teamwork and collaborative efforts.

One distinguishing feature of the program is its selective admission process, whereby interested students must submit a detailed application for consideration. This ensures that participants are fully committed and prepared to engage deeply with the material and activities offered within the Leadership curriculum. Additionally, students delve into the examination of leadership traits exhibited by others, gaining insights into how these qualities contribute to both successes and setbacks. Furthermore, the program emphasizes the importance of community service, with opportunities for students to actively contribute to the betterment of both the STA community and the broader society.

The Leadership curriculum goes beyond theoretical concepts, providing students with practical experiences and real-world applications of leadership principles. Through interactive discussions, hands-on projects, and guest lectures from esteemed STA alumni and prominent community leaders, students gain invaluable perspectives and guidance to become effective leaders in their own right. This holistic approach to leadership education ensures that students graduate from the program equipped with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make a positive impact in various facets of their lives.

The STA Leadership Program partners with local middle schools and numerous non-profit programs to provide service in keeping with the STA Service Learning Policy.