Student Council

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors elect members of Student Council each spring to represent their rising sophomore, junior, and senior peers. Actively engaged in on-campus service projects, they collaborate with teachers and administrators to plan events for student involvement.

Positions For Election


  • Student Council President: Maya Fergus
  • Student Council Vice President: Katharine Hallock
  • Student Council Secretary: Hannah Furshman
  • Student Council Historian: Ali Klis
  • Senior Class President: Ava Jagdeosingh
  • Senior Class Vice President: Madison Bartlett
  • Senior Class Secretary: Mauricio Fortune
  • Senior Class Historian: Isabella Vasquez
  • Senior Class Directors: Winn Bondurant, Megan Corrales, Tommy McCormick, Parker Schlichte, Shannon Schulte, Brett Vogel


  • Junior Class President: Brian Cervoni-Fafian
  • Junior Class Vice President: Azalea Smith
  • Junior Class Secretary: Noah Goodman
  • Junior Class Historian: Ethan Delgado
  • Junior Class Directors: Carolina Davis, Adarsh Johar, Zoe Meltz, Mika Petruska, Giovanni Ruffolo, Ali Sierra


  • Sophomore Class President: Mia Gonzalgo
  • Sophomore Class Vice President: Frank Bianchini
  • Sophomore Class Secretary: Madeline LaMont
  • Sophomore Class Historian: Karla Cabral
  • Sophomore Class Directors: Dakota Degenhardt, Jackson Gold, Sophia Jovovich, Rocco Marando, Chloe Morrison, Sofia Sepielli