Student Council

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors elect members of Student Council each spring to represent their rising sophomore, junior, and senior peers. Actively engaged in on-campus service projects, they collaborate with teachers and administrators to plan events for student involvement.

Positions For Election


  • Student Council President: Alexa Hui
  • Student Council Vice President: Mackenzie Bartlett
  • Student Council Secretary: Matthew (Pate) Maus
  • Student Council Historian: Bradley (Mac) Goodchild
  • Senior Class Co-Presidents: Warren Gammill and Richard (Gordo) Grund III
  • Senior Class Vice President: Kristina Cajiao
  • Senior Class Secretary: Patrick (PJ) Brennan
  • Senior Class Treasurer: Luke Lhota
  • Senior Class Directors: William (Will) Balanoff, Colin Fitzgerald, Skye Gomez, Katie Lescano, Julieanna Matlack, John Perez, Charles (Chase) Sabadash IV, Madeline (Madie) Tolerico


  • Junior Class President: Jessica (Jessi) Novello
  • Junior Class Vice President: Nikolas Boulanger
  • Junior Class Secretary: Allison Kueser
  • Junior Class Historian: Erin McSoley
  • Junior Class Directors: David Brennan, Ashley Carrillo, Christopher Exarhos, Max Goldfine, Allison Jimenez, Ileana Murazzi, Sean Provin, Ashley Ruf


  • Sophomore Class President: Kelby Bertolett
  • Sophomore Class Vice President: Maya Fergus
  • Sophomore Class Secretary: Ava Jagdeosingh
  • Sophomore Class Historian: Milan Pierre-Jerome
  • Sophomore Class Directors: Sophia Ellison, Hannah Furshman, Emily Hui, Thomas (Tommy) McCorrnick, Natalie Romaniello,, Zariah Samaroo, Shannon Schulte, Brett Vogel