Coaches & Staff

Mr. George Smith

Athletic Director

Mr. Ed Nelson

Basketball (Boys)

Mr. Oliver Berens

Basketball (Girls)

Mr. Joe Hazera

Cross Country (Boys)

Mrs. Trish Butler

Cross Country (Girls)

Mr. James Weick

Golf (Girls)

Mr. Terry Crowley

Lacrosse (Boys)

Ms. Michele Gilldea

Lacrosse (Girls)

Mr. John Walsh

Soccer (Boys)

Mr. Carlos Giron

Assistant Athletic Director, Soccer (Girls)

Mr. Martin Grady

Swimming (Boys)

Mr. Alec Wathen

Swimming (Girls)

Mr. Alex Armenteros

Track and Field

Mrs. Lisa Zielinski

Assistant Dean of Students, Volleyball (Girls), Assistant Athletic Director

Ms. Shawn Goff

Volleyball (Boys)

Mr. Michael Goldenberg

Water Polo (Boys)

Ms. Anna Rosen

Waterpolo (Girls)