All donations to St. Thomas Aquinas High School, regardless of the size, make a difference in so many ways and make a difference in so many lives. They have provided the gift of a STA education to many for whom it would not have otherwise been economically possible. Each generation has benefited from the generosity of the generations that went before it, and through continued fundraising efforts, many more generations will benefit as well. Charitable gifts to St. Thomas Aquinas High School are wise investments in the current and future education of our children and our communities.

Thank you, Annual Fund Donors

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Mr. and Mrs. David Aman
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Holshouser
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ballotta
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hoyt
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cahill
Dr. Cynthia and Mr. Brent Knowles
Mr. and Mrs. Jon DeOpsomer
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Marsh
Ms. Nancy Dzoba
Dr. Robert Mulder
Mr. and Mrs. John Grannie
Ms. Patricia Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Hill, Jr.
Ms. Erin Russell
Ms. Julie Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. James Zimmerman
Dr. Denise and Mr. Angel Aloma
Dr. Beth King
Ms. Diane Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lochrie
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard McCormick
Ms. Angie Cortesio
Mr. and Mrs. David Richardson
Mr. Edward Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. Londi Romero
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Gold
Mr. Timothy Metzner
Miss Allison Gorksi
Mr. and Mrs. James Naugle
Mr. Gerald Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Vila

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Carr
Mr. Eric Kuefler
Mr. Charlie Russo
Mr. Bill Maus, Jr.